tisdag 3 augusti 2010

Marc A. Thiessen - Public Enemy No. 1

Here's an article where Marc Thiessen calls Julian Assange a criminal, and states that U.S. authorities can and should apprehend him wherever he is (regardless of in which country).

Marc Thiessen is a former speech writer for the evil regime under George W. Bush, and thence bears a heavy guilt for creating anti-American terrorists over the last decade.

He is also what the TIME magazine refers to as a "harsh interrogation booster".

That's just a cowardly way of saying that he is pro-torture.

Now he seeks to create more terrorists, although this time, he no longer tries to provoke poor Palestinians or Moslem fundamentalists into terrorism. This time he aims at Icelanders, Belgians, Swedes, and other Europeans with any love for liberty, freedom, justice and democracy.

Remember his name.

He is the enemy of every free democracy in the world, including the United States of America.

He is very much responsible for the nude scanning cameras on our airports, the incredibly repressive legislation regarding internet and telecom supervision, and many other terrorist-paranoia-based laws limiting our freedom, undermining our justice systems and turning our democracies into parodies of democracies.

Lock this madman up and throw away the key, and if you have any love for freedom or democracy at all, never listen to him or other lunatics like him.

The TIME magazine writes a piece on the same subject.

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