tisdag 2 mars 2010

ACTA is NOT a trade agreement

The latest leak from the ACTA negotiations show one thing clearly; ACTA is not a trade agreement. It is rather an attempt from the so-called "intellectual rights" lobby to circumvent national legislation.

So why do they label it "trade agreement"? A very tempting speculation would be: simply because trade agreements can be (and normally are) made in secrecy.

Update: I forgot, of course, that there is another point with making it a "trade agreement"; a trade agreement has a life span of decades, and is very risky for a country to break. National legislation can be overthrown at any time by the government; but a trade agreement lasts until hell freezes. Thus ACTA would be a far greater success for Sony, Warner, EMI and Universal than any national or EU legislation.

Others on the subject: Christian Engström, Michael Geist.
In Swedish: Upphovsträtan, Satmaran.

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